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Anne Fruit Veg Art BWHello internet world, I’m Anne. Okay, I guess “world” might be an overstatement because realistically, I’m greeting the two guaranteed readers of this blog, my mother and my spousal equivalent, Michael. 

Just in case there’s anyone else out there reading this post, I suppose I should introduce myself and the blog. This feels awkward, no? If only I had enjoyed a cocktail before I started this post. Oh wait, there’s nothing stopping me from doing that now. Standby. (Insert elevator music.)

Okay, I’m back. So I’ll just be me, and I’ll start by telling you who that is. I’m a girl obsessed with food. I love eating, I love cooking, and I love talking about what I’m eating and cooking. Over the past year or so, I’ve rethought my omnivorous eating habits and I’ve embarked on a primarily plant-based, whole foods diet. (I hate the word diet. It has such a negative connotation. By diet, please understand that I simply mean “way of eating.”) There’s so much information available these days about how food can greatly impact our well-being. And while much of that information can be confusing and conflicting, one fact seems uniformly accepted: eating plants (e.g. veggies, fruits, and other food that grows from the ground) is good for you. And to go one step further, eating food in its whole/natural state is even better for you. So, yeah, that’s what I’m doing. Most of the time anyway.

In addition to a general love of food and cooking, I’m happiest when entertaining friends and family. I love making people feel welcomed and celebrated when they are gathered around my table. And regardless of their tastes or dietary preferences, I know I can make everyone happy with a beautiful plant-based meal. That’s where the idea for Cherry-Picked Recipes comes in. The recipes featured on the blog are organized into menus that have been cherry-picked (see what I did there?) to be exciting yet familiar and accessible for everyone. Stepping out of the box of the “standard American diet” has reignited my passion and appreciation for food, and I hope the recipes shared here reflect that.

New menus are presented on Mondays, and the corresponding recipes are delivered daily over the course of that week. To receive the latest recipes and keep up with all the happenings here, please subscribe to my newsletter. And of course you can also follow Cherry-Picked Recipes on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If you still want to know more about me and what to expect from the food on the blog, head over to the About page. Then, choose a recipe and get cooking!

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