Oh, hello. I’m Anne. And I’m so glad you’re here.

My joy in life is cooking and feeding people. And I hope this website can become a virtual extension of my own kitchen.

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In case it’s not obvious, I’m obsessed with food. I love to write recipes, read recipes, plan menus, talk about food, try new restaurants, and above all else I love to cook delicious meals for my friends and family. At 16 years old I hosted my first dinner party, and I’ve been cooking and entertaining ever since.

Until recently, I’ve also been working as a professional hostess of sorts, planning events ranging from intimate dinners to large national conferences to themed galas. Through my work as an event manager, I have been exposed to amazing food and have cultivated a passion for creating welcoming, memorable experiences.

These days, the kitchen is my happy place. I wake up early with recipe ideas running through my mind. I sit at my computer for hours crafting menus for special occasions and everyday meals. And of course I cook. I cook a lot.


Thankfully, it’s not just me eating the fruits of my labor. Michael, my partner in life and the pursuit of good food, is always willing to act as an official taster and share his thoughts on my latest dish. And as an added bonus, I have two sous chefs at home who accept payment in the form of carrots: Nash, a 4 year old, hyper intelligent, occasionally disgruntled Australian Cattle Dog mix, and Sydney, a 1 year old, eerily calm, endlessly loving Australian Shepherd mix.

My days are spent working on this blog, kept company by my dogs, supported by Michael, and that makes me joyful. I hope that joy comes through to you.

The food.

I think good food should make you smile. It should surprise, excite, comfort, and celebrate those who sit around your table.

The goal of the food shared on this blog is to accomplish all of those things and more – with plants! As a relatively recent convert to a (primarily) plant-based, whole foods diet, I want to prove that it is possible to entertain friends and family who may have different tastes and dietary inclinations with one fantastic plant-based meal that everyone will love.

Many people probably think of a plant-based meal as an assortment of side dishes and salads. And to be fair, it can be difficult to pull together plant-based recipes on other websites into one cohesive meal for traditional entertaining. That’s why the recipes featured here are always organized into menus that have been cherry-picked to offer balance and variety when it comes to flavor, texture, appearance, ingredients, and cooking method.

Menus range from everyday to special occasion entertaining, but the one thing all of the recipes have in common is big flavor. Because if it’s not a delicious celebration of food in my mouth, why bother? Something that has struck me since moving to a plant-based diet is how inspired I’ve been to experiment with different ingredients and flavor profiles. Getting out of the box of the “standard American diet” has reignited my passion and appreciation for food, and I hope the recipes here reflect that.

New menus are presented on Mondays, and the corresponding recipes are delivered daily over the course of that week. To receive the latest menus and keep up with all the happenings here, please subscribe to my newsletter. And of course you can also follow Cherry-Picked Recipes on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Thanks again for taking the time stop by. I hope you love the recipes!


P.S. For more about my background, process, and food philosophy please visit the FAQ page.